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      To be considered for a Bulldog Puppy, Please email for application


 Call 802-233-3613  or email at for details


GreenMt Bulldogs 

Bulldog Hall of Fame Breeders

Not to be confused with others using similar names AND we do not sell puppies on FaceBook

GreenMt Bulldogs is located in Cambridge, Vermont, five miles from Smugglers Notch, a terrific place to take your kids skiing, and twenty miles from Burlington, Vermont, home to the University of Vermont which overlooks Lake Champlain.  We are retired school teachers, and we have been interested in bulldogs ever since our son, who was five-years-old at the time, fell in love with bulldogs.  That’s when our first bulldog, Amos, came into our lives.  Thirty-four years later, we still love the breed, and our son and his family now have two bulldogs of their own, a   cat, and three children.  Once you fall in love with a bulldog, you are forever hooked.  Keep in mind, though, that bulldogs are “couch potatoes”, so if you want your dog to go jogging or hiking, please select another breed.  It’s always important that the breed you select fits your lifestyle.  Our dogs are “house” dogs and live with their humans.  Most of the time, you can find them asleep by the stove or camped out on the couch with the grandchildren.  All of our pups are raised underfoot and grow up in the kitchen, where they are socialized with people and other dogs.  As you can tell, we love bulldogs, and with that in mind, we are very selective in where the pups are placed.


We have worked hard to establish a line that is strong in excellent health, sweet and laid-back dispositions, and looks that fit the AKC standard.  Our goal is to improve our line each and every time we breed in order to attain that perfect “firecracker” for the show ring.  All of our dogs are “made in America,” and the sires are top American champions.  We do not import from Russia or the Czech Republic, nor would we breed or buy from someone who does. You may not be looking for a show dog, but you do want a healthy dog, and you do want it to grow up to look like the breed. Please read my “Reputable Breeder” page before you make a regrettable choice.  If I do not have pups when you are ready, I would be more than happy to refer you to someone reputable who does.  Look for a member of the Bulldog Club of New England (BCNE), Bulldog Club of America (BCA), etc.  Caveat emptor!

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