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What is a Reputable Breeder

1. Does not breed for pure profit, but for the betterment of the breed, and will have bred the litter for a goal to improve the breed. Those who make income from the breeding of multiple dogs and who rely on this income to pay their bills  are known as a "puppy mill".

2.  Does not breed multiple breeds. They breed because they are passionate about their chosen breed and want to improve it by breeding healthy puppies that will some day produce healthier dogs. The only reason to breed numerous breeds is to make income.

3. Will give the intended puppy buyers a full review of the breed, including drawbacks of the perspective breed first, such as potential health problems and exercise requirements. Will give historical information of how the breed was originally developed and especially indicating the breed temperamental "quirks" and if that temperament is suitable for the prospective family and their lifestyle. Responsible breeders do this so the puppy does not end up abandoned in a shelter because the buyer did not understand breed specific behavior and got the puppy because it was "cute" not knowing what its character would be like when grown.

4.  Will have bred the litter and have at least one of the parents for you to look at.  Good breeders allow new puppy owners into their home (where all the animals should live) to view living conditions of all their dogs.Be leery of anyone wanting to meet you some where other than their home to hand over the pup. Also be cautious of breeders that have a "show room" set up where the puppies and the litter's parent(s) are viewed yet they have other buildings on the property you are not invited to view.

5.  Does not ship brachycephalic (flat faced) puppies under 12 weeks old during hot months of the year. 

6.  Never sells animals to a pet store.

 7.   Does not advertise puppies on a website where puppies are mass marketed with other breeds and breeders on one giant web sight like, puppy4you etc.     
A Reputable Breeder ... 

8.   Breeds for sound temperament and health.

9.   Screens the homes their puppies will go to live. Puts the puppy's well being as the number one goal. Will know breed and puppy's capabilities and match puppy to potential buyer. All puppies have different personalities just like people. A good breeder will ask you about your lifestyle and know if a puppy's personality and energy level is right for your lifestyle. The breeder will do you and the puppy a favor if they tell you that a certain puppy or this breed is not the best for you.

10. Will have a sales contract and written health guarantee of at least one year. This document will outline exactly what is  expected of you as purchaser of the dog and what you can expect of the breeder as seller of the dog. This contract should protect you and the breeder of any hidden agendas.

11. Will explain average yearly cost of care for that particular breed. Proper amount of exercise, reasonable confinement, amount of food to feed, etc. ... before you purchase the dog.

12. Always be willing to answer questions long after you have paid for the dog and have taken it home. They should welcome and expect updates on the progress of the puppy's life.

13. Will be a specialist in his/her breed.  Will refer you to a reputable veterinarian who is knowledgeable about the bulldog breed.

The breeder should be well read in medical problems of the breed they are producing, have extensive knowledge of health issues of their chosen breed. 

Should have breed club and other breeders they can share experiences with  that are tried and true for their breed.  Breeder should be able to recommend a veterinarian in your area that is familiar with the breed you are getting from them.

14. Will have AKC litter registered pups and not FCI  or APRI that can be converted to AKC.  Papers come with the puppy and not after they ship you the puppy.

15. Will provide at least a 3 generation pedigree to all puppy seekers before they purchase the puppy.  Will have on the average of at least one champion in EACH generation.

16. Is well respected by other breeders in their breed and belongs to breed specific organizations that
educate and protect the breed. 

 *Credits to Maxime French Bulldogs for this content*










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